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Aspire to get fit but can't find the right guidance? Don't fret, our experts are here to answer all your questions. All you have to do is follow 2 steps and get guidance from the best in the industry.

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  • Dhvani Shah

    RD, ND, PG (Dietetics), BSc, C.D.E.
  • Mishti Khatri

    Marathon Runner & Performance Trainer
  • Pinky Harwani

    Banker, Actor & Entrepreneur
Dhvani Shah - exerFIT Wellness

Dhvani Shah

RD, ND, PG (Dietetics), BSc, C.D.E.

Dhvani is a Registered Dietician and a Post graduate in Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy. She has undergone special training in Naturopathy, Sports Nutrition, Diabetes Management and Food Processing and has also conducted extensive research in the relevance of traditional Indian, Chinese & Tibetan diet therapies in a modern context.

She is now using the power of food & home remedies to boost health, cure disease & encourage people to lead a healthier life. Dhvani regularly writes for leading newspapers & magazines, is a panelist on leading health websites, parenting blogs & mobile apps and is a keynote speaker at national medical conferences.

Dhvani is an avid trekker and has also written and released multiple healthy recipes to promote healthy eating and living.

Mishti Khatri - exerFIT Wellness

Mishti Khatri

Marathon Runner & Performance Trainer

Mishti has completed her Personal Training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Functional Trainer certification from the International Fitness and Aerobic Academy (IFAA) and is currently associated with two prominent fitness related companies - HEAL and Kinetic Living.

Mishti is an avid marathon runner and regularly finishes within the top percentile of women finishers in the races she participates in. She also trains amateur athletes and aspiring marathon runners and is also a kick boxing enthusiast.

Pinky Harwani - exerFIT Wellness

Pinky Harwani

Banker, Actor & Entrepreneur

Pinky’s life is everything but easy. But she’s someone who believes that one should never stop striving for more. That's how she's been able to multi-task efficiently & consistently. Pinky understands the need to integrate fitness in her hectic lifestyle and makes sure she ups her game regularly. Her undeterred will to continuously upgrade her healthy lifestyle is what makes her stand out in the crowd.

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