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Calcium D3

  • Supports bone and joint health
  • Added vitamin D3 and K2 for enhanced absorption
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Consume 2 tablets in a day, post meals.
  • Expert recommendation: Calcium is best absorbed when taken in a 500mg quantity per serving. Consume a tablet after lunch and dinner each for optimum absorption.
  • Helps accelerate bone cell function
  • Prevents joint inflammation & pain
  • Supports muscle contraction
  • Helps regulates sleep
Supplement Facts

INR 389


The Witty Tab

  • Efficiency that matters
    We used the most bioavailable form of calcium (calcium citrate malate) to make sure it’s highly absorbable.
  • Supporting nutrients. Check
    Our tablet has added Vitamin K2 to enhance the uptake of calcium by the bone cells.
  • Balanced environment for better bones
    We added enzyme papain to maintain acid-base balance to prevent bone loss

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