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Media Ruggedian Kolhapur Marathon 2019

Ruggedian Kolhapur Marathon 2019

Marathons. They always spread a vibe of adrenaline- the long runs, early mornings, adrenaline-filled blood rush, the high you feel seconds before the gunshot to the jubilant victory ‘T-Pose’ as the ribbon touches you. exerFIT was a proud energy partner for the largest ultra-marathon in Kolhapur held on 10th Feb 2019 at Major Dhyanchand hockey stadium, in the city. exerFIT® BCAA was distributed to almost 6000 enthusiastic runners! exerFIT is an aspirational nutrition and nutraceutical brand for those who desire to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Our products range for people like us who dare to experience the best of both worlds- who take that extra step to ensure living a healthy life, without compromising on fitness. Ruggedian Private Limited conducts a myriad of sport activities with the main aim of bringing together the adventure and sporting community in an unconventional way, through out-of-the-box experiences which raise awareness among people about fitness. Today Ruggedian is not just a fun start-up, but it has indeed become a lifestyle synonymous with thrill, excitement and adventure!